Risk Management


Liquid Assets Buffer

Georgia Capital intends to hold liquid assets (marketable debt securities, cash at bank and short-term and long-term deposits with financial institutions) at least $50 million at all times;

Cash Expense Management

Cash expense coverage ratio (the sum of annual cash inflows from dividends and interest income from on-lent loans divided by the sum of annual cash outflows in bond interest payments and cash operating expenses) to be in excess of 1.25 at all times.

Disciplined Leverage

Net Debt to Asset Portfolio to be no more than 30% at all times.

  • "Net Debt" defined as borrowings plus guarantees issued and commitments from financial institutions minus liquid assets
  • "Asset Portfolio" defined as the sum of fair values of portfolio company investments and loans issued.

Operating Cash Management

Ratio of extra cash (defined as cash in excess of liquid assets of U.S.$50 million) divided by expected cash outflows over the next 180 days to be in excess of 1.0 at all times.