Investment Opportunity

Why We Invest in Georgia

Georgia is an open and resilient emerging market and its ambition to transform itself into a Regional Hub Economy has already produced tangible results via strengthened trade integration and diversification. These, coupled with a business-friendly environment and policies aimed at further diversifying the economy, support to attract foreign investments and boost growth.

Our strategy

Georgia Capital is a platform for buying, building and developing businesses in Georgia. Our primary business is to develop or buy businesses, help them professionalize their management and grow them into mature businesses that can further develop largely on their own, either with our continued oversight or independently. Our focus is typically on smaller or early stage businesses in sectors capable of rapid development and consolidation, but we also consider more developed sectors where a strong market position can be achieved through an acquisition or larger greenfield project. Once we have successfully developed a business, we actively manage our portfolio to determine  each company’s optimal owner. Georgia Capital will normally seek to monetise its investment either through strategic sale, initial public offering, or other appropriate exit option, typically within five to ten years from initial investment.

Our shareholders

Georgia Capital PLC (“Georgia Capital” or “the Group” – LSE: CGEO LN) is a UK premium listed company following completion of its demerger from BGEO Group PLC on 29 May 2018. Georgia capital has more than 90% institutional shareholder base. We are committed to maintain transparent communication with our shareholders.