Value Proposition

Superior access to capital

  • Only Group of its size and scale focused on investing in and developing businesses in Georgia.
  • Uniquely positioned given the access to capital in a small frontier economy, where access to capital is limited:
    • c.US$ 500 million raised in equity at LSE
    • Issued five Eurobonds totaling US$ 1.5 billion
    • US$ 3 billion+ raised from IFIs (EBRD, IFC etc.)
  • Flexibility to use own shares as acquisition currency

* Figures and statements in this section include the track record of our predecessor company

Access to good management

  • Reputation among talented managers as the - “best group to work for”
  • Attracted talents have demonstrated track record of successful delivery
  • Proven DNA in turning around companies and growing them efficiently
  • Strong skillset in company exits
    • LSE IPO track record
    • Divestiture skills

Strong corporate governance

  • Outstanding track record in:
    • Institutionalizing businesses, creating independently run/managed institutions
    • Investor reporting transparency and granularity
  • Strong board and robust corporate governance
  • Aligned shareholders’ and management’s interests
    • Management compensation linked to performance
    • Equity/performance dominating compensation structure