A Good Corporate Citizen

Georgia Capital seeks to enhance its contribution to the local and wider business communities and is focused on building productive working partnerships with its employees and stakeholders from the local and wider business communities to achieve this outcome.

Promoting Local Community

The Group considers the interests of its main stakeholders, including the local communities and the impact on the wider Georgian community, when developing the strategy and the processes to improve its operations. We adhere to our Environmental and Social Policy and we strive to contribute to society through our business activities by developing and investing in socially-oriented products and services, implementing responsible approaches to our business operations, sponsorship and charitable activities. The case studies in our Sustainability Report 2021 demonstrate Georgia Capital’s commitment to playing a positive role in our local community.

Sponsorship and Charity

As part of its sponsorship and charitable activities, the Group continues to focus on promoting and enhancing access to education, conserving nature, supporting people with special needs and facilitating innovative projects that focus on social good. The Group’s sponsorship and charity activities encourage partnerships with various foundations and non-governmental organisations to deliver sustainable results and bring positive change. In doing so, we follow our undertakings in respect of social and community matters as set out in our Environmental and Social Policy.

Promoting and Enhancing a Healthy Lifestyle

Georgia Capital acknowledges the importance of a healthy lifestyle for its employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with local regulations and recommendations of the healthcare experts, most of the indoor and outdoor physical group activities were canceled. Top management and the departmental heads have increased their support of the emotional well-being of our staff. We have encouraged an open dialogue with management and group chats on challenging topics. We believe that free expression and experience-sharing are key for developing a healthy workforce.

At our portfolio companies’ level, to support healthy lifestyles in 2021, GHG initiated several activities including sponsorship of medical TV programmes to reach out to a wider population in order to raise health awareness and promote healthcare practices.  Further details of our work in this area can be found in our Sustainability Report 2021.

Sustainable Procurement

At Georgia Capital, we strive to exercise good corporate citizenship and we take into consideration the ESG practices of our suppliers. A large majority of GCAP’s suppliers are professional advisors and consultants, predominantly blue-chip, reputable international organisations with sound ESG policies and procedures, which, therefore, have lower exposure to ESG-related risks. Considering the small number of suppliers at the GCAP level and our active engagement with them, we do not have a dedicated procurement policy. However, our existing policies and procedures ensure that an appropriate level of due diligence is conducted on prospective suppliers before they are appointed, or any expenditure is committed.