NAV Calculator

NAV Statement

CGEO and BGEO prices are updated every 15 minutes. The exchange rate is updated daily based on the official exchange rates published by NBG.

* BOG multiple is calculated based on the latest trading price and LTM 30-Sep-21 figures.
** Private portfolio companies, net debt and net other assets / liabilities are valued as of 30-Sep-21, BOG is valued at the latest trading price.
*** Shares outstanding are stated as of the latest date.
**** The independent valuations of the large portfolio companies are performed on a semi-annual basis. In 3Q21, our private large portfolio companies were valued internally by incorporating 3Q21 results, in line with “IPEV” guidelines and methodology deployed in 1H21 by an independent valuation company. The equity value of Water Utility reflects the valuation of the business at the sale price (US$ 225 million converted into GEL via NBG official exchange rate 3.0976 as at 31 December 2021).