NAV Calculator

NAV Statement

CGEO and BGEO prices are updated every 15 minutes. The exchange rate is updated daily based on the official exchange rates published by NBG.

* GCAP’s holding in BoG as of 31-Dec-23.
** BoG multiple is calculated based on the latest trading price and LTM 31-Dec-23 figures.
*** Private portfolio companies, net debt and net other assets / liabilities are valued as of 31-Dec-23, BOG is valued at the latest trading price.
**** Shares outstanding are stated as of 31 December 2023, net of total unawarded shares in management trust. The total number of ordinary shares in issue as of 31 December 2023 was 43,162,640.
***** The independent valuations of the large and investment portfolio companies are performed on a semi-annual basis. In 4Q23, our private large and investment portfolio companies were valued externally by a third-party independent valuation firm. The valuation of Water Utility in 4Q23 reflects the application of the put option valuation to GCAP’s 20% holding in the business.