NAV Calculator

NAV Statement

CGEO and BGEO prices are updated every 15 minutes. The exchange rate is updated daily based on the official exchange rates published by NBG.

* BOG multiple is calculated based on the latest trading price and LTM 31-Mar-21 figures.
** Private portfolio companies, net debt and net other assets / liabilities are valued as of 31-Mar-21, BOG is valued at the latest trading price.
*** Shares outstanding are stated as of 31-Mar-21.
**** The independent valuations of the large portfolio companies are performed on a semi-annual basis. In 1Q21, our private large portfolio companies were valued internally by incorporating 1Q21 results, in line with IPEV guidelines and methodology deployed at the end of 2020, by a third-party independent valuation firm. Adjusted LTM 31-Dec-20 EBITDA was used in Water Utility valuation, as the impact of new tariffs was already embedded in the year-end 2020 assessment.