Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability lies at the heart of our business and reflects our contribution to sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their
own needs.

We understand our corporate responsibility, which is embedded in our culture and believe we can make a difference to society.

In order to effectively manage the Group’s direct and indirect impact on society and the environment, the Board of Directors adopted a Code of Ethics, as well as policies which relate to environmental matters, employees, social matters, our respect for human rights and anti-corruption and bribery. We are pioneering sustainability practices in our business activities and across our portfolio and are constantly seeking new ways to improve our performance across the Group.

As a Group, we are committed to a long-term investment strategy and to maintaining effective relationships with those businesses in which we invest. We take board seats in our private investments and use these to maintain close relationships with managements of those companies. As a consequence of our involved investment style, we manage our investments in the best interests of our shareholders. We continue to meet with our shareholders and listen to any concerns they may have. With investment portfolio of GEL 1,883 million we recognise that our decisions as a Group potentially impact a broad range of stakeholders. Georgia Capital is committed to achieving its strategic and investment objectives while behaving responsibly as an employer and as an international corporate citizen. By implementing a sustainable approach to our activities, we foster long-term relationships with our main stakeholders by providing high returns on investment for shareholders, developing employees and contributing to the economic and social welfare of local communities, while taking into account our environmental footprint. The Group does not invest in environmentally and socially-sensitive business activities and focuses upon the environmental and social issues associated with its commercial activities and investments in order to maximise the opportunities for environmentally and socially-responsible and sustainable economic development. We take responsibility for our actions, carefully consider material ESG risks and how others will be affected by our choices and ensure that our values and ethics are integrated into our formal business policies, practices and plans.