Our environmental activities

As an investment holding company with around 40 employees in Georgia and a further three in the UK, Georgia Capital has limited direct impact on the environment. However, we realise that the indirect impact through our investment undertakings might be an important consideration for our stakeholders. At Group level we consume thousands of kilowatts of electricity annually. Electricity usage accounts for more than half of our total greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the restrictions imposed and appropriate behaviour during the pandemic, our total energy consumption has decreased by 29%. The reduction was further strengthened by our continued implementation of energy-saving solutions. In that regard, various activities have been performed across the Group. To be more environmentally responsible, our portfolio companies continue to implement energy-saving solutions, such as LED lights and other energy-efficient equipment, for example boilers and heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our clinics business also joined in energy efficiency initiatives. One of the clinics switched to Solar Power System, an alternative energy source. To minimise emissions and further contribute to eco-friendly energy consumption, two clinics replaced a diesel-powered heating system with a gas heating system. In order to reduce air pollution and lessen our negative impact on the environment, our medical insurance business has shifted from traditional petrol-powered vehicles to lower emission hybrid vehicles.

Please see our case studies on inaugural green bonds from Georgia, on sustainable water management at our water utility business and on specialised medical and biological waste disposal at our healthcare services business on the pages 92-96 in the Annual Report 2020.

Georgia Capital PLC, as a low energy user, is exempt from the emission reporting requirements. However, we recognise the evolving significance of emissions disclosures in the investment universe and in line with our commitment to increasing transparency, we voluntarily disclose emissions for JSC Georgia Capital (intermediate Georgian holding company). Please refer to the page 93 in the Annual Report 2020 for emission disclosure and calculation methodology. 


The Group has in place a Code of Ethics, as well as policies which relate to environmental matters, employees, social matters, our respect for human rights and anti-corruption and bribery.

Copies of these polices can be found here.

We invite you to read more about our environmental activities in the Annual Report 2020.