The Group considers the interests of its main stakeholders when developing the strategy and the processes to improve its operations. We adhere to our Environmental and Social Policy published on the Group’s website: and we continuously strive to contribute to society through all of our business activities by developing and investing in socially oriented products and services, implementing responsible approaches to our business operations, sponsorship and charitable activities.

Promoting local community

Georgia Capital is committed to playing a positive role in our local community, as illustrated in the case studies on the pages 84-85 of the Annual Report 2020 on healthcare, renewable energy and education in Georgia and on healthcare on the frontline of, and award-winning digital transformation during, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sponsorship and charity

In 2020, Georgia Capital and its portfolio companies spent a total of GEL 4.1 million financing sponsorship and charitable activities, some of which are listed below. As part of the sponsorship and charitable activities, the Group continues to focus on promoting and enhancing access to education, conserving nature, supporting people with disabilities and special needs, and facilitating innovative projects that focus on social good. The Group’s sponsorship and charity activities encourage partnerships with various foundations and non-governmental organisations to deliver sustainable results and bring positive change. In doing so, we follow our undertakings in respect of social and community matters set out in our Environmental and Social Policy.

Georgia Capital and GHG (the holding company of our healthcare services, retail (pharmacy) and medical insurance businesses) support the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF), as we are involved in the Project of Maintenance of Caucasus Natural and Cultural Heritage. The fund helps to support the effective long-term management of the protected territories of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Georgia Capital also continued to support the Fullbright programme and covered education and travel expenses of two high-achieving students.

GHG continues to support Georgian Solidarity Fund beneficiaries with free medical services at our facilities. In 2020, up to 85 beneficiaries received free medical check-ups at our hospitals. GHG also offered a 20% discount on all of our healthcare services to a charitable fund supporting children diagnosed with leukaemia and cancer. In 2019, GHG introduced a new initiative for socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. Within the scope of this initiative, for every new-born baby, parents are gifted a GEL 20 voucher. Effective from December 2020, every new-born baby will receive a GEL 25 voucher as a gift and parents will receive special offers during 2021. The vouchers can be redeemed in our pharmacies. During 2020, 17,000 vouchers were issued. GHG also supports activities to address increasing prevalence of diabetes in Georgia, by offering a 50% discount on test strips to patients with diabetes. We help patients with chronic diseases to get accessible and affordable care by offering special prices at GHG pharmacies on the medication they need on a regular basis. Such patients can register five most frequently used medicines on their GHG loyalty card (loyalty cards are available at our pharmacies) and get an extra discount on each purchase. In 2020, Pharmadepot (one of our pharmacy chains) started to sell high-demand chronic disease medications with a symbolic price of GEL 1. The package comprises three to five medications and is changed on a monthly basis to cover different main medical conditions.

Our water utility business, managed by GGU, regularly runs charitable activities for several social service agencies in Tbilisi, Rustavi and Mtskheta. The business annually covers water supply expenses for social agencies: Child and Environment, Caritas Georgia, international humanitarian network for elderly – Catharsis, children’s hospice – Firefly World and others. These are social agencies that care for homeless children, children with disabilities and the elderly.

Promoting and enhancing a healthy lifestyle

Georgia Capital acknowledges the importance of the healthy lifestyle of its employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with local regulations and recommendations of the healthcare experts, most of the indoor and outdoor physical group activities have been cancelled. Top management, as well as the departmental heads, have increased their support of the emotional well-being of our staff. We have been encouraging open dialogue with management and group chats on challenging topics. We believe that free expression and experience sharing is key for developing a healthy workforce.

We invite you to read more about our social activities in the Annual Report 2020.