Cancellation of shares bought back under buyback programme

Georgia Capital PLC (the "Group" or "Georgia Capital") announces that the Group has today cancelled 650,375 treasury shares bought back under the US$45 million share buyback programme (the “Programme”). As a result, the total number of shares cancelled since the launch of the Programme is 2,650,375. The cancellation reflects the Group’s strong financial position and an efficient allocation of capital. Following the cancellation, the total number of ordinary shares in issue will be 36,734,337, while 2,340,818 shares are held in the JSC Georgia Capital Executive Equity Compensation Trust (the “Trust”) (of which, 917,527 shares are allocated to existing awards).

As announced on 1 August 2019, the Group has commenced a market purchase of the Group’s shares of up to US$ 20 million for the Trust.